[Last Chance] One Freebie, Final Fantasy Game Discounts On PC

To celebrate Golden Week, Square Enix has dropped prices on a number of PC games, notably on many entries in the Final Fantasy series. Below are the standouts from Square Enix’s sale, but you can find the full list here.

To start with, you can get Mini Ninjas for free. To take advantage of this offer, just add it to your cart and use promo code MINININJAS at checkout. From GameSpot’s Mini Ninjas review: “This action adventure is low on gruesome assassinations and high on lighthearted fun, but that doesn’t mean fans of stealth-kill simulators, or anyone else for that matter, should skip over it.”

Just about every Final Fantasy game available on PC right now is currently available for half off. Core installments III – VI are $8, while the later games range from $6 to $10 each. Those are great prices on some of the best RPGs in history–even if you don’t prefer the art style changes Square Enix made to some of the games.

In non-Final Fantasy news, Dragon Quest Heroes and its sequel are also on sale for between $20 and $30, and a handful of other more niche titles are on sale as well.

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