PS4’s PSN Games Sale: Even More Titles On Sale In The US

Not content to have just one sale live on the PlayStation Store, Sony has begun promoting a second sale on PS4 games. It’s called the Totally Digital sale, and as you can probably guess, it revolves around games that are only available in a digital, downloadable format. As usual with sales on the PlayStation Store, PS Plus members get an extra discount. The sale ends May 29. [Update: There are also other PSN sales going on right now.]

The sale is divided into two parts: games that are out now and games that aren’t. For the upcoming games in the sale, PS Plus members get between 20-25% off their pre-orders. These games include Tacoma, a narrative-driven sci-fi game from the makers of Gone Home. It launches May 8, and it’s on sale for $15 (down from $20). Trailblazers is a team racing game in which you can spill paint on the track. When your teammates drive on paint you’ve spilled, they get a speed boost. It’s on sale for $24 (down from $30).

For the games on sale you can play now, PS Plus members get an extra discount. Pyre, a sports-game-meets-RPG we gave 9/10 in our review, is on sale for $14 ($12 with PS Plus). The slow-motion shooter Superhot is on sale for $17 ($15), as is its PSVR counterpart Superhot VR. Also on sale are the horror game Soma for $15 ($12) and the bizarre-yet-enjoyable Headlander for $8 ($6).

Below, you’ll find our picks for the best deals on the best games in the Totally Digital sale. You can find the full list of games on sale here.

Pre-order discounts (PS Plus required)

On sale (PS Plus prices in parentheses)

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