Westworld Season 2 Solves Times Square Photo Mystery, Makes Everything More Confusing

There was a lot of information packed into the second episode of Westworld Season 2, “Reunion.” Whether it was the revelation that Dolores has been outside of the park before or Logan and William’s first introduction to the possibilities the technology used to bring Westworld to life held, there was plenty to be learned throughout this installment. However, there was also one very interesting resolution to a Season 1 mystery you may have missed.

It was halfway through the pilot episode of Westworld when Peter Abernathy, the father of Dolores, found a photo of a woman in modern-day Times Square buried in the dirt on his ranch. That discovery, which wasn’t explained beyond this episode, threw Peter out of his loop and eventually led to him being replaced. Now, well over a year later, the series has revisited the mystery woman.

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As it turns out, the person in question is none other than William’s wife, who was introduced for the first time in “Reunion.” That’s a very interesting development, given that the photo used was a stock photograph from Getty Images. The model in the photo, America’s Next Top Model alum Claire Unabia, told The Huffington Post in 2016 that she was surprised to find out her image was used on the series: “Someone did ask if my picture may have been used for a TV show but I did not know what they were talking about so I just said it was possible,” she said at the time.

However, now Unabia has returned as William’s wife Juliet. It begs the question of whether this was all a set up from the beginning. While it’s possible the show decided to bring her back after the pilot was filmed and aired, Westworld is also seemingly a show that knows exactly where it’s going. It is unlikely that the photo was used with no intention of revisiting that particular piece of the story again.

The photographer behind the piece, Erik Von Weber, has well over a thousand photos on Getty Images, featuring a wide range of subjects. In some, he’s actually taken pictures of a man in a samurai costume with a helmet practically identical to one seen in in the quick glimpses of Shogunworld.

Whatever the case, solving the mystery of who is in that Times Square photo of opens the door to several more questions: How did it get there? While it’s possible the Man in Black dropped it on one of his dastardly Sweetwater adventures, how did it end up in the particular spot, and why was it now that Peter’s loop allowed for him to find it? And why could he see it when Dolores couldn’t?

This is exactly why fans tune into Westworld, so it’s good to know the show hasn’t lost its way.

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