Xbox One: Great Game Deals Going On Now

A new weekly sale is live on the Xbox Store and it has some killer deals on some fantastic games. Whether you like playing on Xbox One, Xbox 360, or backwards-compatible 360 games on your Xbox One, you’ll find plenty of deals that can save you lots of money. Most of the discounts are available to anyone, but a handful require an Xbox Live Gold subscription (marked below). You can find the full list of deals here, but let’s dig into the highlights.

Fans of the Caped Crusader can practically get the Arkham trilogy for a song this week, with Batman: Return to Arkham and Batman: Arkham Knight available for $10 each (£14 – £20). You can build your own Arkham, or the metropolis of your choosing, in Cities: Skylines for $20 (£16).

The tough-as-nails platformer Cuphead gets a modest discount this week down to $17 (£14). The equally tough action games Devil May Cry 4 ($13 / £10) and Devil May Cry HD Collection ($21 / £25) are also on sale.

In terms of bang for your buck, you won’t find a better deal than Dragon Age: Inquisition – GotY Edition on sale for $10 / £6. That includes the game and all of its expansions, which amounts to many dozens of hours of fantasy action-role-playing. Mass Effect: Andromeda is the same price and offers a similarly expansive amount of content for those who prefer sci-fi settings.

And if you’re into fighting games, you can’t go wrong with Injustice 2 ($24 / £18) or Mortal Kombat X ($8 / £10). To get more fighters from the start, consider buying Injustice 2 – Legendary Edition ($48 / £40) or Mortal Kombat XL ($10 / £20). You can find even more highlights from the Xbox One sale below.

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