Ocean Master Explained: Who Is the Aquaman Movie Villain?

Aquaman is the latest hero to get a solo movie in the DCEU. The new film pits Aquaman/Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) against his brother Ocean Master/Orm Marius (Patrick Wilson) in a battle for the fate of Atlantis itself. But who is Ocean Master, and why is he so determined to keep the rightful king of Atlantis from the throne?

Here’s everything you need to know about this longtime Aquaman villain.

Ocean Master Explained: The Basics

While Ocean Master’s backstory and even powers have changed a great deal over the years, a few things remain constant. His real name is Orm Marius. He’s the half-brother of Aquaman, and he covets the throne his brother sits upon. He’s been one of the most constant thorns in the side of Aquaman as the hero has tried to steer his kingdom in the right direction and promote peaceful relations with the surface world. But Orm would just as soon wage war and establish Atlantis as the dominant force on the planet, above or below.

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