Here’s Who Voices SPOILER in Deadpool 2

Warning! Full Deadpool 2 SPOILERS below! 

Deadpool 2 sees the big screen return of Marvel Comics villain Juggernaut, who has not appeared in an X-Men movie since Vinnie Jones played him in 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. Jones, however, does not reprise his role as Cain Marko in this film.

In fact, the end credits for Deadpool 2 only credit the role of Juggernaut as being played by “Himself”. Deadpool 2 co-screenwriter Rhett Reese has now informed IGN who is really plays Juggernaut in the movie.

“Ryan Reynolds is the voice of Juggernaut, believe it or not,” Reese revealed. “Slightly modulated with a computer to bring his register down. But Juggernaut is such a force of nature, and he has not really been done justice in previous movies, because he wasn’t ever a CG character. And so, we just thought he was probably the coolest character never to be used as of yet in the right way.”

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