THAT Deadpool 2 Cameo Was Shot on a Different Movie’s Set

Warning! Full Deadpool 2 SPOILERS below! 

The first Deadpool movie had a gag about how the X-Mansion was suspiciously devoid of any X-Men, almost as if studio 20th Century Fox wouldn’t allow them to use any of the characters — or the movie couldn’t afford any of those cast members — from their flagship mutant movie franchise. That’s not the case with Deadpool 2.

During Deadpool’s visit to the X-Mansion this time out, we see Wade Wilson riding around in Professor Xavier’s wheelchair and messing with the mutant-tracking headgear Cerebro. But just as Deadpool is once again complaining about the absence of X-Men, there’s a quick cut to the X-Men in the study as Nicholas Hoult’s Beast quietly closes the door so that Deadpool doesn’t know they’re actually home.

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