Deadpool 2: Cable and Domino’s Origins Compared to the Comics

Deadpool 2 introduced a number of fan-favorite X-Men characters to Fox’s cinematic universe, and none more crucial than Cable and Domino. With these two heroes in play, the stage is now set for a full-fledged X-Force movie.

If you’re not familiar with the X-Force comics, you may be wondering just how much the movie draws from the source material. Here’s a quick breakdown of what made the cut and what was changed with these two iconic mutants.

Warning: beware of spoilers for Deadpool 2!


The basics of Cable remain pretty much the same in both the comics and the movie. He’s a cybernetic soldier from the future who has traveled back in time in order to prevent his hellish future from coming to pass. That was pretty much all fans knew about the character in his early appearances in New Mutants and X-Force.

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