Deadpool 2: Two More Cameos You May Have Missed

Warning: Spoilers for¬†Deadpool 2 follow. Turn back now if you haven’t yet watched the film.

Deadpool 2 features plenty of cameos, including a few well-hidden appearances from Matt Damon and Alan Tudyk.

In the film, Josh Brolin’s Cable time travels to present day and immediately encounters two “rednecks’ who’re discussing the best way to clean yourself after going to the bathroom.

Per Radio Times, it turns out Tudyk plays “Redneck #2.” Damon, on the other hand, portrays Tudyk’s friend who’s lecturing him about toilet papers. You can’t really notice Damon in the role because he’s covered with¬†prosthetic makeup, along with a wig and a fake beer belly.

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