Kingdom Hearts 3 Feels Like a True Next Step in the Series

Kingdom Hearts captured my imagination way back in 2002. And it’s continued to do so in the 16 years between it and Kingdom Hearts 3 thanks to its unique ability to capture Disney magic, put me in the middle of it through the keyblade swings of Sora, and tell a ridiculous tale full of endearing characters. Square Enix has released one numbered sequel and plenty of spinoffs that deepened, and sometimes muddied, the mythology, but only a few have captured the magic that captivated me as a kid.

If the extended demo I played on both PS4 and Xbox One ahead of E3 is any indication, Kingdom Hearts 3 looks to be a true evolution of the franchise, recapturing that magic by taking all those various offshoots and experiments and melding them into a cohesive, exciting whole.

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