Battlefield 5 Dev Says Fortnite-style Battle Royale Mode Would Be “Natural Fit”

Fortnite’s battle royale mode is a gaming phenomenon that dominates headlines on our site on a daily basis. PUBG, the progenitor of the battle royale genre, is still going strong with regular updates. And even Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is going to have a battle royale mode (though the developer is cagey about quite how large it’ll be). With a mode that so clearly leads the current gaming zeitgeist, it comes as a surprise that the reveal stream for Battlefield V didn’t even mention battle royale.

Battlefield V takes the series back to World War II, and the developer released a glut of gameplay details and trailers during a livestream, but any talk of a battle royale mode was markedly absent. Speaking with DICE senior producer Andreas Morrel during the game’s reveal, he said that the developer has nothing to announce regarding the mode at this time; however, he did admit that it would make sense for Battlefield V.

“It’s hard to miss the battle royale frenzy that’s ongoing,” Morrel said. “We’re all very much fans of it, back at DICE, and we’re definitely looking to see how Battlefield can explore the Battle Royale genre.” For the world that Battlefield has created, Morrel said, “We’ve got the sandbox, we’ve got the vehicles, we’ve got the epic scale–it is a natural fit for us.”

Battlefield V is set for a worldwide release on October 19, and the game will feature prominently at EA’s upcoming E3 event. So in the coming months, you can expect hands-on impressions, more gameplay details, and maybe final confirmation on how battle royale might figure into the franchise’s plans.

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