Does Solo: A Star Wars Story Have An After-Credits Scene?

You’re here for one simple reason: You want to know whether you need to stick around in the theater once the credits start rolling on Solo: A Star Wars Story. Star Wars movies have never had post-credits scenes before now, though, and the answer to this question is simple: No, Solo does not have any post-credits scenes, mid-credits scenes, or stingers of any type. Once the credits start rolling, that’s it. Movie over. Go home.

Even as Disney has perfected the art of the credits scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, they’ve somehow resisted shoehorning them into Star Wars. Fans might argue that stingers would feel out of place in Star Wars–for decades, these movies have been over when the credits started to roll and the iconic theme music kicked in. The Marvel movies are newer, and they’ve had post- and mid-credits scenes from the start.

For now, Disney is playing it safe by keeping the Star Wars tradition going. That said, there are a couple of scenes toward the end of Solo that feel like they serve the same purpose in the film–one pays off a loose end from earlier in the movie, and another sets up potential entries in the franchise’s future with these characters.

In our Solo review, we said, “It’s valid for some fans to wish Disney would devote resources to telling fresher tales that don’t rely so heavily on nostalgia and existing plots and characters…But Solo: A Star Wars Story is what we have right now, and if it’s simply an enjoyably well-crafted side story, well, is that really so bad?”

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