20 Crazy Unrealistic Things Battlefield Does, and One Realistic One

While we didn’t get to see real gameplay, EA and DICE’s reveal of Battlefield V did shine a light on a lot of details about the upcoming game. It’s coming out October 19, it’s going back to the series’ World War II roots, and it will not have a premium pass, meaning that all major post-release content will be free to everybody.

But along with these facts has come a backlash from a vocal minority around the fact that the trailer and box art focus on a female soldier with a prosthetic arm. The argument is that this detail means that we won’t be getting an “authentic” World War 2 experience from Battlefield V because there were no women in combat in World War 2. We’ll revisit the accuracy of that last assertion in a bit, but before we do, we have to challenge the premise that anyone has ever gotten an “authentic World War 2 experience” from any Battlefield game.

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