Fortnite Players Want the Heavy Shotgun Buffed or Vaulted

The Heavy Shotgun in Fortnite sits at the highest tier of shotguns, but players want the rare item buffed or removed entirely.

When it was first introduced two months ago, the Heavy Shotgun brought fear to Fortnite fans who were already suffering at the hands of the incredibly powerful Pump Shotgun and the double pumping effect, in which an enemy uses two different shotguns in quick succession. Learning that an even more powerful shotgun in the epic and legendary varieties was coming to Fortnite was a head-scratcher, but it wasn’t long before players were leaving behind the Heavy Shotgun in favor of something more common.

Ultimately, the Heavy Shotgun didn’t make quite the splash fans thought it would and now players want change. Community posts on Reddit and the official Fortnite Forums are consistently discussing what should happen to this rare item.

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