Acer’s Predator hardware brand has a comicbook origin story so awful that it’s amazing

Predator League

We all love a good origin story, so much so that even today’s reboots are birthing their own reboots – see the three different Spidermans we’ve had since 2002 and Lara Croft’s recent transformation from busty tomb raider to notorious pot-trampler and Nathan Drake-alike across both games and film. We’re experiencing something of an origin-ocalypse.

One thing I sometimes wonder, though, is the story behind outlandish tech branding, such as Gigabyte’s furious eagle Aorus logo, or AOC’s AGON theme. What’s their origin story? I like to think Asus’ ROG, or Republic of Gamers, logo, for instance, is actually a topographical map of this mysterious, titular republic that one is required to locate on a real map in order to enter its special nation state of ‘true’ gamers. This week, one of my more unusual prayers was answered, as Acer finally revealed the origin story of their Predator series (something I know you’ve just been dying to find out). It turned out to be so cringe-inducingly ridiculous that I feel duty-bound to give you the full lowdown. (more…)

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