“We accommodate for every stupid thing that you wanna do” – how Disco Elysium makes detective games work


Disco Elysium (formerly known as No Truce With The Furies) is shaping up to be ridiculously good. It’s an upcoming RPG that slips you into the shoes of a detective in a hardboiled urban fantasy world, where combat happens through dialogue and your internal monologue can be both a hindrance and a help. Your skills have their own personalities and sometimes wrestle control away from you, while you can choose to internalise certain thoughts, thus changing who your character is and what they can do.

It’s absolutely fascinating, and I mean it when I say the hour or so I’ve played also contains the best writing I’ve ever seen in a video game (several other RPSers are thrilled by it too, as discussed on our recent podcast). To find out more about Disco Elsyium’s special sauce, I sat down with design and writing lead Robert Kurvitz at Rezzed to chat about its pen and paper origins, encouraging tenacious behaviour, rewarding players who want to fail and why most other RPGs do quests wrong.

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