Goodbye, Roseanne. It’s for the Best

Roseanne Barr, the racist, has gotten Roseanne, the revived hit ABC sitcom, cancelled after just one season back on the air. It’s a shame, as the original show is a classic and the premise of the new season had the potential to build on that legacy in a manner it was uniquely suited for. But considering how the show’s return panned out creatively during its nine-episode run this spring, and given its star’s outbursts in the real world, the series’ demise is for the best. (For more on what Roseanne tweeted, head here.)

The fact that Barr — and the writers behind the new season, which debuted to crazy-good ratings in March — had chosen to make their eponymous character a Trump supporter brought all kinds of publicity to the show, positive, negative, and everywhere in between. But if there was ever a sitcom ideally positioned to depict the current climate of political and cultural division in the U.S., it was Roseanne.

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