What the Life Cycles of Previous PlayStations Say About the PlayStation 5

Buy a hot new game system, and you’ll see an even better model the next day. That’s the stuff of lazy sitcom jokes, yet there’s an undeniable rhythm to the seemingly brief lives of game consoles. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera recently mentioned that the PlayStation 4 is in its “final life cycle,” prompting many to point out that the system isn’t even five years old.

We may complain, but it’s all part of the process. Sony follows the time-honored practice of piping up about a new system just as the current one hits its stride and the competition gets fierce. Yet if there’s a common thread in the PlayStation family, it’s one of dignified exits for old systems and overhyped entrances for the newcomers. Here’s what the life cycles of the previous four PlayStations possible tell us about the PlayStation 5.

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