E3 2018: Date, Rumors, Press Conference Schedule, Games, And Everything You Need To Know

E3 2018 is almost upon us. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the biggest event of the year in terms of announcements. Video game companies have increasingly begun to share news in the weeks ahead of E3 itself, and that’s certainly proven to be the case this year–Battlefield V, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Rage 2, and Fallout 76 have already been announced. Still, there’s plenty more to look forward to, both in terms of further specifics about those games–like just what is Fallout 76?–and others still to be revealed.

But in terms of E3 itself, we’ve got a complete rundown on everything you need to know. From the games and companies we know will be there to the press conference schedule and details on the event, you’ll find all of the key information about E3 2018. Be sure to stay tuned to GameSpot in the lead-up and through the event for full coverage.

When And Where Is E3?

E3 officially begins on Tuesday, June 12, and runs through Thursday, June 14. That’s when the show floor is actually open at the Los Angeles Convention Center, as game companies set up booths and demo their games to press, members of the industry, and–in a much more recent move–a select number of public attendees.

While E3 itself lasts only three days, things unofficially begin much sooner. Electronic Arts has branched off from E3 and now hosts its own event, EA Play, the weekend prior. That begins on Saturday, June 9, while other companies–including Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Bethesda, and Ubisoft–will host their own press conference in the days before E3 begins.

When Are The Press Conferences?

EA Play kicks things off, serving as both a mini E3 dedicated to Electronic Arts’ games and playing host to the publisher’s annual press conference. That happens on June 9. On June 10, we’ll get press conferences from Microsoft, Bethesda, and Devolver Digital. June 11 will see Square Enix (new to hosting its own press conference), Ubisoft, and Sony take their turns, in addition to the PC Gaming Show, which is a slightly different sort of beast. Nintendo rounds things out with its online broadcast on June 12, the same day E3 begins.

How Do I Watch The Press Conferences?

Why, right here on GameSpot, of course! We’ll be streaming the press conferences live, followed by reactions from our staff. Additionally, we’ll have a livestream filled with developer interviews and game demos throughout the week. Meanwhile, Nintendo will follow its Direct-style press conference with its typical Treehouse stream that showcases games coming to its platforms. The PC Gaming Show will stream on platforms like Twitch.

What Companies Are At E3?

A huge number of developers and publishers, both big and small, will be in attendance at E3. Of course, just being there doesn’t mean they have something to announce or show, although Witcher fans are nonetheless hoping CD Projekt Red is there to showcase Cyberpunk 2077, not just take meetings.

What Games Are At E3?

Similarly, there are tons of games at E3 that we already know about. That includes big-name ones like Fallout 76, Death Stranding, Super Smash Bros. for Switch, and Battlefield V, along with updates and DLC for existing games like Destiny 2 (the fall DLC/update for which is set to be shown). There’s also sure to be a lot of as-of-yet unannounced games there.

What Are The Big E3 Rumors?

Speaking of which, rumors and leaks have already spoiled some pre-E3 announcements, including Rage 2 and Lego DC Super-Villains. There are plenty of other rumors circling ahead of E3 for games that–assuming they’re real–we won’t hear about until the companies’ respective press conferences, including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Just Cause 4, and Forza Horizon 4. There’s also word that Fallout 76, which appears to be a pretty standard Bethesda RPG, will have online survival elements.

What Do We Want To See?

Like you, we’ve got a long wishlist of things we’re hoping to see at E3 2018. That includes specific details and features in games that we both know will be there (Rage 2, Death Stranding, Spider-Man) and those we do not (a new Splinter Cell, Borderlands 3, Just Cause 4). We’ve compiled what we know about these projects and what we’re hoping to see at the event.

Is E3 Open To The Public?

Unlike most of E3’s history, yes, E3 is now open to the public, but you can’t just show up and get in. Tickets for the Gamer Pass are up for sale for $249, though you should be prepared for long lines to get into see most things on the show floor. Hours for when you can get in are different than in 2017, as Industry Pass holders (including exhibitors and members of the media) will get in before everyone else on Tuesday and Wednesday.

What Does E3 Stand For?

It’s a seemingly silly question, but given how often the term “E3” is used, it’s easy to never consider what it actually stands for. E3 is short for Electronic Entertainment Expo, although as the show has evolved, the name has changed slightly at times over the years.

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