The Internet Is Pretty Sure It’s Fixed Star Wars: The Last Jedi

File this one into your “the Internet wins again” folder. Twitter user Josh Scully posted a hilarious re-edit of Star Wars: The Last Jedi that offers a suggestion for an abridged — and, honestly, infinitely epic — twist on Episode VIII.

Josh mashed up two key scenes from the film — when Leia uses her Force powers in space to travel back to the Resistance ship, and when Holdo jumps to light speed to destroy the First Order fleet — into what he suggests is “The Last Jedi fixed.” You can watch the scene below, which is hosted in IGN’s player with permission from the original owner.

This video accrued more than 780,000 views on Josh’s Twitter at publish time, so it seems like a lot of people on the web agree with Josh’s humorous edit. And yes, he is aware that this version means we would lose lot of the film.

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