How Rocket League Helped Me Through One of the Hardest Times of My Life

Losing someone close to you can knock you down with devastating effect. It can feel like everything’s crumbling beneath your feet, as you struggle to deal with the knowledge that your last interactions with them were ultimately final.

I went through this experience in a turbulent October and November of 2017 after a close friend passed without warning. Soon after this two pets of mine from home also passed away. It was a one-two punch that sent me reeling, and left me in what was one of the worst emotional ruts of my life.

During this time my room felt more like a prison than anything else. From the outside, it was a quiet, peaceful little area filled with bits and bobs that could keep almost anyone occupied and content. For me, it was my chamber — my area for thought and reflection, and my incubator for thinking about all the opportunities of bonding that’d be missed following my mate’s passing.

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