The Drastic and Unexpected Changes Coming to Battlefield 5

Recently, I ransacked the IGN game library for physical copies of every Battlefield going all the way back to 1942. As I worked my way through the series, a pattern began to emerge: for every innovative entry there was an iterative one. For every Battlefield 2, there was a Battlefield 2142 that, while thematically distinct, did little to advance the series mechanically. So when I sat down to play Battlefield V at EA Play I was fully expecting Battlefield 1 with building. What I got was a sneak peek at the most revolutionary Battlefield in the last decade.

The sheer number of major gameplay changes in the build that I played was staggering. Health no longer regenerates past a certain point without aid, ammo reserves are drastically reduced, anyone can revive a downed squadmate, and enemies can no longer be marked using the spotting system. Gone are the days of shooting the red doritos. Hitting the spot key now tags a location that’s useful for enemy snipers and tanks, but mostly useless for infantry on the move.

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