The Superhero-Like Mysteries In Captain Spirit

The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a game set in the Life Is Strange universe, taking place in a snowy town called Beaver Creek in eastern Oregon, 15 days before Christmas. It follows the story of a 10-year-old boy named Chris who either is a superhero or just truly believes he’s one – without finishing the game, I can’t tell you which is true. The demo I saw started out with Chris in his beautifully detailed bedroom, with comic books and action figures from those comic books strewn across the floor.

He’s actually playing with two action figures, fully narrating their fight in a childlike ‘character voice’, and, when he goes to put one of them in a spaceship, he lifts it up from his desk with his mind. That’s where my uncertainty arises, and the developers at Dontnod met me with nothing but silence when I asked, “Is he actually doing that, or is he just imagining it?” The first real interactivity in the cinematic Life Is Strange-style spin-off is when Chris starts drawing his inner hero, Captain Spirit. The game lets you choose between a helmet or a mask, heavy armor or light, and if you want the suit to be drawn plainly or colourfully, and then Chris signs it off as Captain Spirit and pins it to his wall, amongst myriad other drawings.

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