E3 2018: Prey’s New Mooncrash DLC Takes You To The Moon; Out Now Along Three New Modes

Today at E3 2018, Bethesda announced new content for the sci-fi shooter Prey. Mooncrash is an expansion set on the moon where you play as a hacker named Peter–and it’s launching tonight.

TransStar has a secret moon base, but it stops transmitting, so Peter is sent there to investigate. Obviously, everything goes wrong, and Peter must fight against all kinds of horrors. What’s especially interesting about Mooncrash is that the enemies and loot will change every playthrough.

You can get Mooncrash right now for $20 by itself. Alternatively, you can buy the Prey: Digital Deluxe edition that comes with the base game and the expansion, though pricing wasn’t announced.

Additionally, a new update for Prey that is also out now includes three new modes: Story, Survival, and New Game+. Here are the official descriptions:

“Story Mode, for those looking to casually experience the game’s immersive narrative; Survival Mode, which will put your veteran cosmonaut to the test with hardcore hazards like oxygen levels and bleeding; and New Game+, which gives all players a whole new reason to return to Prey after they complete the game.”

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