E3 2018: Nintendo Switch RPG Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Adds More Story

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 already includes hundreds of hours of environs and dungeons to explore. But it was released back in 2017, so maybe you’ve already tapped the game to its full potential. For 2018, Nintendo is expanding the Xenoblade’s world with some additional DLC, and the company showed off a first look during its E3 2018 presentation.

Titled Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna The Golden Country, the new content continues the story of Xenoblade 2 with an epic battle between Aegis. The DLC follows-up on an update released earlier this year that added a selection of helpful items and a New Game+ mode for players who purchased the season pass.

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In our original review for the game, Peter Brown gave Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game a 7/10 writing, “Xenoblade 2 is worth pursuing if you’ve got enough patience to let it blossom.”

The new content will be available to season pass holders sometime around September 2018, and to learn even more about what Nintendo showed off during the first day of E3, check out our news roundup here.

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