Metro Exodus Is a Bit Rough Around the Edges So Far

After Metro Exodus’ visually stunning reveal at last year’s E3, I came into this year’s event with the long-running post-apocalyptic survival shooter high on my list of games I was eager to get my hands on. Unfortunately, I walked out of my demo a lot less excited than I was going in, as technical woes plagued my hands-on session.

Metro Exodus isn’t an open-world game, the developers told me, but it does have open-space missions where you’re free to roam. And so my play session began on a bridge in one of these pseudo-open-world areas. We were on a train, which turned out to be our roving home base called the Aurora. We encountered a roadblock and slammed on the brakes. Playing as Artyom, I went to the engine room, where our group of allied survivors convened to figure out what to do next.

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