New Netflix Trailer For Glow Season 2 Shows More Wrestling And Heavier Issues

Netflix has released a new trailer for their 1980s wrestling show Glow AKA gorgeous ladies of female wrestling, based on an actual wrestling show from that period. The series has completed one hilarious and critically acclaimed season already, so the second season is pretty hotly anticipated.

The new trailer suggests that the show is taking on some pretty heavy social issues in this season, most notably sexism and racism. Considering that the show is set about 30 years in the past, social unfairness is a lot more pronounced which means the uphill battle is a bit steeper for the women. There is sure to be a lot of tension and drama as the wrestlers deal with producers who want to bump them, racist character names, and overzealous fans.

Netflix reports that this season will essentially be a continuation of the storylines from season 1, with the volume turned up a bit as the ladies deal with becoming local celebrities. The wrestling gets more intense which puts a strain on their friendships and their home lives, but it also makes everything more exciting, including the outfits.

Whether you’re a fan of the series or not, I think we can all get into hardcore female wrestling and crazy 80s hair. Plus, WWE fans may have reason to get excited given all the crossovers from last season. The new season of Glow will be streamable on Netflix June 29.

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