Rage 2 Is Full of Ways to Murder Goons With Superpowers

Rage 2 has a lot going on. There’s a post-apocalypse wasteland. There’s rubble and debris, just, everywhere. And there are a bunch of kaleidoscopic mohawked goons crawling all over it. But when I went hands-on with a small chunk of it at E3 2018, it’s clear there’s also a lot going on with its combat.

You’re a Ranger, a kind of wasteland super soldier, that’s just lousy with nanotech coursing through your veins. That gives you access to powerful abilities called Nanotrites which compliment a huge weapon wheel full of the three-Gs: guns, gadgets, and grenades.

This essentially gives you a million options when it comes to killing goons. While in my hands-on demo I didn’t get to see any of the driving or open-world exploration — Bethesda said it plans to show that off soon — I did kill so, so many goons that I might not have left any for you when the game releases Spring 2019.

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