Ridley Plays Fast and Vicious in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Entering the E3 show floor, I knew I had an appointment to see and play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later in the day – but upon spotting a hidden line to go play Smash Bros. on the main stage, I knew I couldn’t wait that long to try out everyone’s favorite nemesis: Ridley. I’ve been a patient man – Sakurai said Ridley was too big for Smash and I believed him, knowing one day my dark wishes would come true. Since I often played as certain slow and heavy characters like Ike and Ganondorf, I was very intrigued to see how the behemoth space pterodactyl felt when unleashed upon a hapless foe.

I only had a few rounds with Ridley, but I can tell you he’s no Charizard. His flame breath can either expelled in single bursts like Mario’s fireball, or charged up to unleash a flurry of faster moving fireballs that can reach a much wider arc, or drip down from ledges onto opponents below. His smash attacks have a ton of power behind them, and weren’t as slow as I was predicting, though a clever player may want to feint into his wonderful tail jab special move that can pierce and disorient an opponent before following up with a smash attack.

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