Why Spider-Man PS4’s Web-Swinging Feels So Good

Nearly every piece of media featuring Spider-Man wants to nail the sensation of just how fun it must be to swing around as the webhead. Because, boy, does it look like he has a lot of fun, and, thankfully, I absolutely had a blast playing Insomniac Games’ PS4 Spider-Man E3 2018 demo.

From my first swing, the demo made it evident immediately that Insomniac wants its web-swinging to be easy to grasp but multifaceted enough to allow for an enjoyable level of improvisation. Much like with Insomniac’s Sunset Overdrive, I always knew another, platform or wall would allow me to continue my momentum.

This is a Peter Parker who knows his way around the city, and who’s been traversing its building tops for a few years now. I wasn’t quite as graceful as Spidey should be in my first few swings, but Insomniac has assembled a variety of web-swinging mechanics that soon made me feel exactly like Spider-Man…or at least, how I imagine he must feel.

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