E3 2018: Metroid’s Ridley Joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character Roster

As if Super Smash Bros. Ultimate‘s roster of “every character from the series history ever,” wasn’t enough, Nintendo closed it’s E3 2018 presentation with a surprise Smash reveal: long-time Metroid antagonist Ridley is coming to the game as a playable character.

In a moody, cinematic trailer, Ridley appeared from the shadows to attack the intrepid Samus, revealing that the dragon-like beast will be the next fighter to join the expansive roster. The character model based mostly on the character’s Other M appearance, but alternate costumes not only show different colors but also the mechanized version of the purple beast.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will include every character ever released for a Smash game, and we’ll get the chance to play it at E3 this year. So stay tuned for impressions and in-depth gameplay vidoes showing off the game soon. We know one change it introduces is the ability to pick stages before selecting your character. This way, those who care about catering their characters to the exact level they’re playing on don’t have any excuse for why they lose.

Smash Bros. Ultimate releases for Switch on December 7. It’ll support GameCube controllers through an adapter.

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