E3 2018: Microsoft Wants Xbox’s Adaptive Controller On PS4 And Switch

Microsoft’s new Xbox Adaptive Controller aims to make playing video games on Xbox One and PC more accessible for anyone, including those with disabilities. However, the company has now said it wants to go a step further and make it available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

“We’ll work with other providers to figure out how we can make this work on other platforms,” the project’s program manager, Evelyn Thomas, told GameSpot at E3 2018. “It’s really about the democratization of accessibility. I want this to work on Sony, I want this to work on Nintendo. I want it to work everywhere, because the gamer wins when that happens.”

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Right now, the device works on all editions of the Xbox One and on Windows 10 PCs, with some limited capabilities on Windows 7 and 8. However, Thomas also said the controller will be “forward compatible with all future Xboxes.”

In addition to its own in-built buttons, the Xbox Adaptive Controller also acts as an interface between Xbox and third-party devices that can be better tailored to individual users’ needs, whether that’s a chewing device, a joystick, or a movement-activated sensor. A standard USB port and multiple 3.5mm jacks mean it can work with any number of bespoke devices. The controller is coming this September for $100 in the US. International pricing has not been shared.

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