Final Fantasy XIV, Monster Hunter World Collaboration Announced

Update 06/12/2018: Capcom and Square Enix announced the Monster Hunter World counterpart to the Monster Hunter x Final Fantasy XIV collaboration announced yesterday. You can see Behemoth’s Monster Hunter World reveal trailer below.

In the trailer, we see Final Fantasy’s iconic Behemoth fall to what appears to be Elder’s Recess and confront a hunter. There’s a Deviljho in the Behemoth’s mouth, signaling the awesome size of the formidable beast.

In Final Fantasy XIV, Behemoth is a Primal that can be challenged as a FATE (Full Active Time Event). You can see the Behemoth in action in Final Fantasy XIV in the video below, where it wrecks dozens of players.

The Cactuar, another recognizable but much less intimidating Final Fantasy monster, also makes an appearance, but it’s unknown as to what capacity it will appear.

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