Ghost of Tsushima Is a Gorgeous, Brutal Look at Ancient Japan

There’s a startling contrast to Ghost of Tsushima. As you pause to appreciate a gorgeous landscape or admire a billowing cloud of smoke on the horizon, you’re likely to be shaken from your reverie by the clash of steel and a sudden splatter of blood coating the foliage around you.

Sucker Punch, the studio best known for the Infamous series, has created a realistic, vibrant world overflowing with color and beauty, but as a backdrop set against a brutal, real-life conflict full of war and violence.

In a presentation behind closed doors at E3, Sucker Punch co-founder Chris Zimmerman explained that the team had three core tenets in mind when designing Ghost of Tsushima: mud, blood, and steel. Based on the demo we saw, all three are ever-present.

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