Resident Evil 2 Returns to its Horror Roots in the Best Ways

Out of all of Resident Evil’s many phases – the old-school, fixed camera angled, tank controlled approach of the original three; the less restrained roaming camera of Code Veronica; the over-the-shoulder third-person action of Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6; and the gruesome first-person of Resident Evil 7 (not counting the series’ many, many spin-offs) – my heart lies in the original three’s oppressive survival horror.

I miss the careful, deliberate framing of scenes, the importance of pre-planning routes and inventory management, the near-instinctual understanding of your surroundings developed by smart, productive backtracking, and the obscure puzzle solving that can make something as mundane as a police station feel like a terrifying gothic castle. Based on my 30 minute demo, the Resident Evil 2 remake – officially titled Resident Evil 2 – strikes an elegant balance between these old-school elements and the more modernized format of recent entries.

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