What You Need to Know Before Watching Luke Cage: Season 2

Netflix’s shared Marvel Universe is expanding yet again, as Luke Cage: Season 2 debuts on the streaming service on June 22. The new season will explore Luke’s ongoing struggles as a hero and defender of Harlem, even as new and old enemies join forces to bring him down.

It’s been a while since Season 1 made its debut, and we don’t blame you if you’re a little rusty on your Luke Cage continuity. Here’s everything you need to know before diving into the new season.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and Luke Cage: Season 1!

Luke Cage: Harlem’s Hero

The poster for Season 2 features Mike Colter’s Luke Cage literally holding Harlem on his burly shoulders, which should offer some indication of the struggles our hero will be going through this time around. In Season 1, Luke was a fugitive, just trying to keep his head down, survive and not be dragged into the battle for Harlem’s soul. This time around, he’s a beloved local celebrity and social media star. Luke is helping to defend and inspire his community, but inevitably he runs into newer, bigger threats that test even his bulletproof skin.

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