You Can’t Win With Speed Alone in Team Sonic Racing

Racing along in Shadow the Hedgehog’s sleek sports car, I was nearing the head of the pack, drifting around corners to gain short speed boosts and using block-shaped wisps to leave behind as hazards. I was able to scrape by in first place – but victory was short lived. As it turns out, my two teammates on Team Shadow had fallen behind. I neglected to keep an eye on their place, and because of this, another team managed to finish in 3rd, 4th, and 5th – and secured the gold cup. Clearly, I needed to shift my priorities into a different gear.

If you aren’t playing as a team in the aptly named Team Sonic Racing, expect the coveted gold up to remain out of reach – but how exactly do you work as a team during a race. Back in the days of Mario Kart 64, I often played with a friend who had difficulty keeping up, and so our solution was for him to run interference from the back lines, causing havoc at the cost of getting lapped if it meant I’d stay in the lead. Sonic Racing has a different approach that if executed properly – can elevate everyone instead of just one good player. Each allied car creates clear and distinct trails that cover a good distance, and following in the slipstream of a teammate will earn you a sizeable boost.

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