PSN Servers Down Right Now [Update]

If you’re having trouble getting online with your PS4 or other PSN-connected device, it’s not just you. Problems are plaguing several areas of the service, making it difficult to play games online, among other things. [Update: The status page now shows all services as working again. We’ll report back if that changes.]

Although Sony has not yet published a statement on its Twitter support account, the PSN status page does confirm that all areas of PSN are being impacted. Sign-ins appear are listed as being unaffected, but creating accounts or editing your profile may both prove problematic. Worse, the Gaming and Social area of PSN is encountering problems. That could mean you’re unable to open your games or get online to play them (which is obviously a major issue for online-only games like Fortnite).

“Our engineers are working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, and we thank you for your patience,” a message reads on the status site. No further details are offered regarding what’s causing the problems or how soon they might be resolved. We’ll report back with any further information as it’s shared.

While PS4 is certainly Sony’s biggest platform these days, these issues extend both to its other gaming systems–PS3 and Vita–and to other services. That includes TV streaming service PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Music, and PlayStation Now.

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