Skull And Bones Pre-Order Guide (US)

Set sail on the Indian Ocean, a frontier region that’s rife with riches. It’s also a battleground between pirates, trading corporations, and colonial forces. This is Skull & Bones, an upcoming shared-world game that has you assemble a crew and engage in various modes of naval combat. It’s expected in 2019.

We got our first look at Skull & Bones at Ubisoft’s E3 2018 conference in a new cinematic trailer. As the name implies, it’s a naval battle centered title, where you can ally with your friends or fight against them, and it’s incredibly reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. There will be plenty of customization options for your ship, and different ways to take on missions–guns blazing or slowly and stealthily. The name of the game is piracy, and you’re seeking to be the greatest pirate in the Indian Ocean.

If you’re ready to pre-order Skull & Bones, you’d probably like to know what kinds of bonuses to expect and what comes in the game’s various editions. We have all the information you need below, so read on.

Skull & Bones Pre-Order Bonuses

No pre-order bonuses have been announced at this time.

Skull & Bones Standard Edition

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