God of War: Here’s What Old Kratos Looks Like Without the Beard

We finally know what old Kratos from God of War would look like without a beard – and it’s not exactly charming.

God of War art director Raf Grassetti tweeted a series of images showing what Kratos’ base face looked like before the addition of shaders and textures. This included an image of a beardless and hairless Kratos.

The beardless God of War looks even less inviting than before – if that’s even possible – with a vibe that suggests he might mug you in a back alley. Or, you know, murder you and wear your ashes like suncream for the rest of his life.

Despite his rugged appearance, in our God of War review we found Kratos makes an epic comeback as The Nine Realms’ greatest dad. We¬† gave the title a perfect 10 as a whole, praising its outstanding characters, world, and combat.

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