Netflix’s Castlevania Getting A New Season Before The Year’s End

Fans of Netflix’s Castlevania who have been holding their breath waiting for a new season can finally exhale. After the popular but short first season was released in 2017, show writer Warren Ellis has finally put fans at ease on Twitter by announcing that there will be a second season released before the year is out.

Fans were very relieved to hear an update because even though Netflix announced that a new season was on the way pretty quickly after the first season came out, it hasn’t said much about it since. So far, we don’t know too many details about the new season, but Ellis reports that it will be eight episodes long and that the animators are hard at work finishing things up.

Castlevania follows the story of vampire Dracula as he takes revenge on the country that burned his beloved wife at the stake because of false accusations of witchcraft. He and his monster squad overrun the country and the famed demon hunter Trevor Belmont goes after him with the help of a magician and Dracula’s own son.

The show’s first season was very successful. It quickly became a favorite among fans and critics whose main complaint seemed to be that the season was too short. The new season will be just as short as the first one, but hopefully the creators are going for quality over quantity. There is no official release date yet, but it looks like fans won’t have to wait to much longer for the new season to drop.

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