Potential Building Nerfs Send Fortnite Fans into a Frenzy

Epic’s recent comments on the possibility of putting a cap on building has left Fortnite communities worried and divided.

Yesterday, a blog post detailing Epic’s future plans on counterplay and late game play styles briefly mentioned “uncapped building” as a dominant play style alongside the advantages of shotguns and rockets. Building is a unique feature Fortnite brings to the battle royale genre and fans aren’t taking too well with the idea that materials could be capped or harder to seek out.

Fortnite communities on YouTube, Reddit, and the official Fortnite forums have already voiced their concerns. On Twitter, @Nadeshot expressed his love for Fortnite and the Epic team but said that “catering towards the casual player in hopes of creating longevity for newer players is usually the quickest way to destroy the player base.”

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