Punch the sun in Monster Prom’s new “F*ckin’ Hot” update


Two things made me decide to check out Monster Prom’s free “F*ckin’ Hot” update this morning, despite not normally having an interest in the dating sim genre. First, the monsters. Second, the multiplayer. It’s a punchy set up: the prom is looming, and you and your friends have got three weeks to woo a 20-something college student. Who may well be a gorgon, or a psychopathic sky-princess.

How on earth does that work? What’s in that new update, other than some summer outfits and the opportunity to help a demon punch the sun? Can I get away with leaving f-bombs in that headline, and can Beautiful Glitch’s monsters melt my cold, non-dating sim-appreciating heart? The answers await below. (more…)

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