Nintendo Talks About the Six Big Switch Games Missing From E3 2018

Nintendo’s E3 2018 showing was brimming with amazing games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Pokemon Let’s Go. However, there were a handful of notable franchises that were nowhere to be found during the show. Everything from Metroid Prime 4 to Yoshi, and even Animal Crossing to Mother 3 — many of us have been left wondering where some of Nintendo’s most iconic titles have been.

With that being said, we did a little digging ourselves and reached out to Nintendo to find out the fate of some of our favorite franchises.

Metroid Prime 4 and Pokemon 2019

Speaking with IGN, Nintendo’s Senior Product Marketing Manager, Bill Trinen, revealed that Nintendo wanted to focus on a shorter window this year rather than showing off some of last year’s big surprises like Metroid Prime 4 and the upcoming core Pokemon RPG.

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