Rage 2 Looks Like a Great Id Game, But What About Its Open World?

Rage 2 is an Id shooter alright. The furious-bordering-on-ridiculous pace, the bulging, oversized guns, that blood-spattered feedback designed to keep you pushing, pushing, pushing. Even the noise of it feels right. The soundtrack has the industrial pound of Doom 2016, newly augmented with ringing synths, and every gun I try sounds gratifyingly stupid – everything down to the humble pistol sounds like it could core out a beluga whale in a single shot.

My hands-on demo is a 10-minute run-through an abandoned space centre, now overrun by the mohawk-laden Goon Squad faction we got acquainted with in Rage 2’s first trailers. I play it four times. It’s a fetch quest of sorts, except what you’re fetching is an orbiting building that you need to crash into the neon pink-lit desert. The gauntlet to get to your goal is essentially a spiral staircase punctured with kill rooms, a corridor-fight-corridor structure that’ll be familiar to anyone who’s played an Id production.

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