Westworld Season 3 Won’t Have a Big Time Jump, Despite That Ending

This story contains spoilers for Season 2, episode 10 of Westworld, titled “The Passenger” and speculation for Season 3. Check out our Season 2 finale review here.

The Westworld Season 2 finale leaves us with two major cliffhangers: In the episode’s official ending, we see that Dolores, Bernard and another unidentified host (in Charlotte Hale’s body) are now out in the real world beyond the park, and Dolores is ready to go scorched earth on mankind in retribution for the years of torture the hosts have endured. Bernard, on the other hand, is determined to stop her, since he still sees the good in humanity. (Even after being double-crossed by Elsie, who then poetically got double-crossed by Hale!)

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