[Ending Soon] Stellar PC Game Deals In The Itch.io Summer Sale

The indie gaming hub Itch.io is having its Summer Sale right now–but today is the last day. Between June 19-26, you can pick up a whole heap of independent PC games at discounted rates. Nearly all genres are accounted for in the sale, plus a bunch of games that don’t fit neatly into any genre.

What games might be worth a look? Necrosphere is on sale for $2.50. It’s billed as a super-challenging Metroidvania with only two buttons: left and right. Before you buy, you can play a web version here to see if you like it. The vampire-hunting game Slayer Shock puts you in a college coffee shop in Nebraska and has you run missions save humans and hunt bloodthirsty enemies. It’s on sale for $6, down from $20.

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The quirky Twine game Arc Symphony is on sale for $2, as is the retro-style arcade shooter R-Coil. If ancient horrors are more your speed, you can grab the Lovecraftian game Eldritch for $1.50 as well. Or there’s always the “first-person destructive cat simulator” Catlateral Damage, on sale for $2.50.

As you can probably tell, there’s a lot of variety on offer here, so no matter what kind of games you’re into, you can find something worth trying. You can see the full list of games on sale here or check out some of the ones that caught our eye below.

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