Forza Horizon 4’s Full Car List Seems To Have Leaked

A racing fan appears to have accidentally discovered the close-to-finalized roster for Forza Horizon 4. The player pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition and found the Windows Store downloading it early. From there, he examined the game files to discover a listing of more than 450 cars. That makes the leak around the size of the entire roster.

He posted the full list of the contents of the download folder, and another user compiled it into a working list of cars as organized by manufacturer (via Polygon). Keep in mind the finalized lineup will probably change or grow slightly for the final release, but the hundreds of cars already named probably make up the majority of it. Players in the fan community have expressed some concern over additional cars being featured as DLC, as well as a general lament that Toyota is still underrepresented.

For its part, the official Forza Twitter account acknowledged the accidental release of an early download, but didn’t comment on the leaked car files within. It advised affected users that they could uninstall the files for the time being.

Forza Horizon 4 takes place in Great Britain, and features a new dynamic weather system with seasonal changes that will cycle. It’s coming October 2 to Xbox One and PC.

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