Nvidia Turing: GTX 1180 possible prototype spotted, plus everything we know so far

Nvidia GeForce GTX

After months, nay, nearly a year of sky-high graphics card prices, many of us have been eagerly waiting to see what’s next from Nvidia and their GeForce GTX graphics cards, which are currently going by the code name Turing. Whether they’ll become a new 11-series of graphics cards, taking on names like the GTX 1180, or even a new 20-series using monikers such as the GTX 2070, no one knows. One thing is certain, though – they’re almost certainly going to better than all of today’s best graphics cards like the the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, and our games are going to look all the better for it.

Now, despite Nvidia’s CEO casting the actual release date of their new Turing cards into doubt a few weeks ago at Computex 2018, new information in the form of a leaked picture has since surfaced that may well depict a prototype Turing card in the flesh. Here’s everything we know so far.


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