Video: The most exciting PC games still to come in 2018

Coming soon to YouTube: 'Top 10 Ways To Hurt People With Your Elbow In Yakuza 0'

Has it really been six months? 2018 is passing in a blur of frozen architects, drug-pushing prophets and accordion duets. Hell, six months ago the RPS Video Department was but a glint in Graham’s eye. You may also recall a gathering of the most exciting games of 2018, a rundown of the year as it looked back in January. With E3 done there’s a clearer picture of what the rest of 2018 looks like. Many games have slipped to February 2019 – the stampeding bandits of Red Dead Redemption 2 have them running for the hills – but we’ve rustled up 15 of the remaining games that fellow video person Noa and I are looking forward to.


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